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 Hunter, Aaddilay Kay

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PostSubject: Hunter, Aaddilay Kay   July 17th 2010, 4:56 pm

Aaddilay Kay Hunter

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Neko
Aliases: Kat Creevy, Kay Hunter, Riea Clark,

Originality: OC

Gender: Female
Birthdate: 31 October
Age: 28

Height: 6 Feet and 3 Inches
Weight: 120 Pounds
Eyes: Lavendar, oval, small. Very cat like.
Hair: Short, black pixie cut. She dyes her banges new colors every week/
Body: Athletic build with visible muscles. Thin, and curvy.

Identifying Marks: A scar on her back that runs the length of her spine. She also has a nose pericing and an eyebrow peicing. She also has two tattoos. A red skull and crossbones on her neck and a black tribal tattoo on her back that covers most of her scar.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Nation

Aaddilay dose what she wants when she wants. She has no regard for others and listens to hadrly anyone. She is headstrong, moody, has a horrible temper, is violent, rude, and down right unplesant at times. She likes to prove people wrong and loves trouble. Aaddilay has a bit of a flirtatious side that shows when she's around some men.

Aaddilay likes to do things hands on. She loves to get her hands dirty. She loves sports like soccer, motocross, surfing, and skateboarding. She has trut issues and pushes away people who get too close for fear of being hurt again. She keeps quiet and puts up fronts when personal subjects come up. It's hard to get to know Aaddilay on a personal level because of this.

Sexuality: Straight
Face Claim: Rumer Willis

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Aaddilay can change into any feline of any color or species, but she must be completely calm. She can also morph half way between a feline and a human at any time. When she does, she gets enhanced senses, increased strength, the tail of the feline, and the ears of the feline, which protrude from the top of her head and end just above her real ears, which switch off at this point. When she is not morphed, she is completely normal looking. She also has immunity to psychic powers. No one can detect her or penetrate her mind, but she has no true psychic powers.

Skills: Aaddilay is a gifted motocross rider, surfer, and skateboarder. Aaddilay is also a mechanic and won't let anyone use or touch her bike but her for fear of it breaking. She clams to be the best thief alive, and could very well be. She has only been caught once, before her abilities as a thief reached their peak. She no longer leaves any real traceable evidence behind. She is also a natural climber and likes to climb into high places to sleep.

Weaknesses: Aaddilay has a terrible temper and when provoked lashes out at everything. Her bouts of anger can last from two minutes to two weeks. She also has no sense of teamwork. To her, it's every person for themselves. Orders to her are more like a suggestion and she usually ignores athouratative figures. Aaddilay, while being very confidant, if constantly beaten or thrown around, she will turn submissive and fearful. She becomes like a small kitten being beaten by its owner. She also has issues saying how she truly feels and puts up many fronts to hide behind.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Ashley Hunter
Father: Blake Hunter
Siblings: None
Other Important Relatives: None


Aaddilay grew up in an abusive home in New York City. Her father would hit her and her mother would provide emotional and psycalogical abuse. When she was 10, her parents died in a car accident. Having no other realitives, she went to an orphanage. Having no real people skills, Aaddilay shyed away from everyone at first, fearing she would be hurt again. After a couple of days, she was befriended by 15 year old Zach Miller. He was able to take her off grounds and decided to teach her a few sports. He taught her how to surf, skateboard, and ride motocross with equipment provided by his friends. When her powers emerged, Zach helped her discover how to control them. He turely the big brother she never had.

Zach was shot and killed on his way home from the skate park one night when Aaddilay was 16. After hearing the news, Aaddilay ran off. Beliving that no one would care for her the way Zach did, she became hard and cold towards people. She stole to fit her needs and taught herself how to fight and use weapons. After a while of being alone, she was aproched by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They offered to clear her recored, which had one charge on it of her stealing, so she could compete in competions again. Aaddilay agreed and joined. She was not as loyal as some of the other members and only did what she had to, nothing more.

Once the Brotherhood became the Freedom Force, she left it and was on her own for a while, doing what she pleased. She tangled a few times with the X-Men and the Avengers, but ended up escaping each time. For a while, she went into hiding, using the name Kay Hunter, dropping off her first name to escape the X-Men, who were looking for her. After almost being caught again, she became Kat Creevy. When the Avengers came after her, she once again changed her name to Riea Clark only to change it back to Aaddilay Kay Hunter a month later when she was called in to help with the rise of the Nation.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Crystal
Experience: 2 years . . . Intermiedet
Contact: PM, Email.
Where'd You Find Us? Friend of creator

RP Sample:

Quote :
Aaddilay walked down the sidewalk, her eyes taking in everything in the shops. The air was cold and bitter. Taking a deep breath she felt it sting her lungs. She loved cold nights. Hardly anyone was out and she noticed that those who were out were all bundled up and had their eyes glued to the cement in front of them. Smiling to herself, she lifted her head and looked at the moon. It had a few clouds covering it, making it look creepy, perfect for this cold October night.

Making her way to a park, she sat down on a bench. Looking around she saw some people sleeping on the cold iron benches. She scrunched her eyebrows together and frowned. It reminded her of when she ran away from the orphanage. She had slept on a park bench outside her first few nights until she found an abandond building. Shivering, she pushed the memories away and looked at the moon through the trees. It was a beautiful sight.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter, Aaddilay Kay   July 17th 2010, 9:29 pm


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Hunter, Aaddilay Kay
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