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 Wagner, Kurt

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Quote : Whatever is a defenseless, fuzzy elf like moi to do?

PostSubject: Wagner, Kurt   August 1st 2010, 11:37 pm

Kurt Wagner

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Nightcrawler
Aliases: Fuzzy-Elf

Originality: Cannon

Gender: Male
Birthdate: November 11th
Age: 26

Height: 5'9''
Weight: 161lb
Eyes: Rather triangular, shinning yellow with no visible pupils
Hair: Shaggy, curly, few inches long, indigo
Body: Light, lean build, though obviously toned; blue, peach-fuzzy skin

Identifying Marks: no marks

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Heroes United

There are two significant traits to Kurt's character, but they certainly aren't the only two. One, Kurt is a goof ball, seeing the light side of things rather than the dark. He takes it upon himself to spread the smiles on other people's faces. His playful manner also shows when he fights, often times ending painfully for him while his teammates fight, other times not. He loves to 'port around, both in a fighting situation or living, but when he's in the right mood, he does it so often that he can get quite annoying.

There's also a down-to-Earth side of Nightcrawler. Although it may not seem it with his demonic appearance, he is quite the religious man. He may not express it openly in everyday conversations and actions, but he firmly believes in God and that everyone is His children, no matter what side of the on-going fight they choose. When things around Nightcrawler falls apart, and his faith his somehow shook, Nightcrawler does tend to brood, sometimes removing himself away from everyone else, even if all they want to do is comfort him, he who would have done the same for them.

Sexuality: straight
Face Claim: Alan Cumming

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Nightcrawler's most obvious mutant power is the ability to teleport. He can teleport in any direction, but when he 'ports north and west he has a larger range--two miles. East, west and straight up he can't teleport much over one and a half miles. Although it leaves both him and his passenger weakened, Nightcrawler is able to 'port someone roughly his size along with him. The farther he teleports with them, the more energy it saps from them both. Nightcrawler is also a fantastic wall climber, with the ability to adhere to the surface of a wall or ceiling. The molecular connection he has to the surface tends to be quite strong in most cases, allowing him to walk on the surfaces without much worry of falling. Nightcrawler, thanks to the color of his fur, is also able to go near invisible in shadows. The same phenomena that shrouds Nightcrawler in shadow while it's light outside bends the light rays so that only his eyes show while he is in shadow.

Skills: When Nightcrawler was a child, he was in the Munich circus, and is an excellent acrobat. He is more flexible than the average man, and combined with his acrobatic abilities, can literally worm himself out of almost any situation. Of course he can fight, and he likes to brag himself as a swashbuckler. After a year or so of being a member of the X-Men, Nightcrawler picked up some medical abilities and mechanical know-how. Although he normally just treats the minor things, if he has to he can treat a patient in critical condition. But after studying a problem with nearly any mechanical device, or Blackbird, he can find a solution and get it running just as well as if it were brand new.

Weaknesses: Nightcrawler doesn't have such great durability, and consequentially is one of the first to go in a violent fight. He has trained himself to 'port with exotic speed, allowing him to take down a group of people in a short time, but it leaves him tired. Also, Nightcrawler has a tendency to underestimate his enemies, but he normally has his friends and teammates around to help him in those situation. Nightcrawler tends to be a little predictable as well, preferring to attack people from the top at first by teleporting over them. Nightcrawler's biggest downfall in a fight, though, is a sonic sound, leaving him defenseless and unable to teleport away.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Raven Darkholme
Father: Azazel
Siblings: Graydon Creed (half-brother), Nils Styger (half-brother), Kiwi Black (half-brother), Rogue (foster sister),
Other Important Relatives: don't make me type them . . .


Nightcrawler's life started with a rough birth. Because of the hard delivery, Mystique's identity was revealed, and the two were chased by an angry mob. They were chased to a waterfall, where Mystique threw him over the edge and into the water to flee. However, Kurt was saved by his father and given to a sorceress and gypsy queen for care. She took him in, despite his demonistic appearance, and brought him to a circus where she worked, so as to cover for her own abilities. He was taken care of by all of the circus, mostly because they were no prejudiced against "freaks" such as he.

Nightcrawler made two good friends while growing up in the circus: Stefan and Jimaine. Stefan, natural son of the gypsy queen, feared that his heritage would corrupt him later in life, and made Kurt promise that if he were to kill without reason, Kurt would in turn stop him.

While working in the circus, Nightcrawler soon became one of the star attractions because of his enhanced agility, allowing him to become a superb acrobat and trapeze artist. The humans in the crowd merely assumed that his outward appearance was a costume. As he worked, he soon became involved in a romantic relationship with Jimaine because they worked so closely together in the circus.

Years later, a Texas millionaire heard of the circus that Kurt worked in and bought it. He intended to move the best acts back to America, into his own circus. However, he demanded that Kurt would be a part of the freak show instead of an acrobat, and to keep him there, he was imprisoned against his will, drugged so that he wouldn't fight back. A young boy eventually let Nightcrawler free, as a threat to the millionaire so that he would treat his circus performers better. Nightcrawler made his way back to Germany, where he found Stefan had gone mad and had slain many members of a half-human race. Nightcrawler found Stefan and fought him to stop the murdering, but during the fight, Nightcrawler unintentionally broke Stefan's neck. In a nearby village, the villagers discovered Kurt and blamed him for the slaying. They had had him cornered and were about to kill him when Professor Xavier showed up to give Nightcrawler an out, to join the X-Men. Kurt agreed to join, but before they went, they visited the circus to tell the gypsy of what happened to Stefan, but she was not there. Therefore, she kept the blame on Kurt for years, until he finally got his story across. He had also re-found Jimaine, who had been living in America under the name Amanda Sefton.

Kurt had many adventures with the X-Men, not all of which will be mentioned. After a long time on the team, however, when the X-Men clashed with the Marauders, Nightcrawler was severely injured by a Marauder named Riptide. He was taken to Muir Island for recuperation, but his powers were significantly less than what they had been. Along with Kitty Pryde, he became a founding member of Excalibur.

After an encounter with Dr. Doom, Kurt's teleporting abilities were restored to their normal as a result of a electromagnetic scrambler, which was supposed to disrupt Kurt's teleporting abilities.

Not long afterwards, the rise of the New Nation caused Excalibur, along with the other more well known super hero groups around the world, to disband, and Kurt was left to his own. He returned to Germany, not doing very much in particular, except doing the best he could to wreak havoc against the villains, somehow remaining in one piece and uncaught. Long months passed, but in a wintry month, Kurt caught wind of a new force of heroes beginning to rise after a run-in to one of the members on one of his self-proclaimed missions, and he went off in search of the actual organization. Finding it was difficult, but after he had he was immediately joined to the Heroes United after showing up.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Kifu/Gambit
Experience: Refer to Gambit
Contact: Same as with Gambit
Where'd You Find Us? I'm the founder of the site . . .

RP Sample:

Quote :
Kurt waited a few moments to even acknowledge that Crystal had said something. It wasn't that he wanted to build a suspense while she anticipated the answer. It wasn't that he was just coming up with a place, like he was trying to do when he suggested Crystal and he do something spontaneous. The reason he waited was because he wanted to figure out a kind way to tell her, though instead he just changed the subject.

"You brought money, I hope?" he asked as a joke, turning his head again to smile at her. Even if she did, he planned on paying for the place they were going. He had quickly grabbed his wallet after he hurriedly put on his trench coat, stuffing it into the inside pocket of it, since he didn't want to put it into his pants pocket.
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Wagner, Kurt
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