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 Carmen, Rina

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PostSubject: Carmen, Rina   January 17th 2011, 6:18 pm

Rina "Raven" Carmen

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Raven
Aliases: Rave, Rae

Originality: OC

Gender: Female
Birthdate: 16th April
Age: 26

Height: 5'4
Weight: 126lbs
Eyes: Black with barely visible pupils
Hair: Long and natural jet black hair coming down past her shoulder blades

Body: Slender yet curvy, some might class her as being a little chubbier compared to stick thin models.

Identifying Marks: Raven has various scars of all shapes and sizes littered over her torso, ranging from bullet scars, burns, and cuts. These scars range in age from those gained in childhood, to still just healing wounds from days before.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Mercenary

Raven is an angry women. Her anger tends to get the better of her and with violent results. She is a loner by heart. She will on occasion listen to her cold heart.

She has a predators instinct, and reacts on whatever her instincts tell her. Mostly she is a seductress, luring men to her, and on occasions even women. Though mostly she'll go for mutants with unusual abilities. Another trait of Raven is her taste for torture. This is done generally when she is on a job, but this will also cross over into her personal life.

She also has a big ego of herself. She is under the impression that she is the best that there is, though really she isn't. She hates to be wrong, and is very unlikely to admit otherwise.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Face Claim: Amy Lee

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Super Strength : Raven's strength can damage near enough anything she touches. Even a simple thing of picking up a glass and closing a door means concentration. While she is able to pick up something like a double decker bus as if it's nothing but piece of paper. Her strength is somwhat linked to her emotions. In times of extreme stress and even anger her control is lessened. There is one thing than she cannot cause damage to in any form, the metal adamantium. Due to her strength she has a high endurance to mild forms of pain, while her energy is spent in almost triple the time of the average human.

Flight : Raven is able to fly through a means of telekinesis. She can fly pretty high since her lungs are able to withstand thinning oxygen at great heights, while her eyes are able to withstand winds. She can fly non stop at maximum speed for up to three hours before exhaustion comes in. Her maximum speed can occur within up to about a minute, though if distracted it can take longer.

Combining both powers together Raven is able to fly through objects such as buildings within seconds.

Skills: Raven isn't truly the best of fighter. When fighting she relies on her brute strength, which mostly works. She is fairly well trained at small firearms such as handguns, in which she spent time in firing ranges. Another thing she does well in is small projectiles, though it's mostly daggers. She is not however the best, though her strength is able to help her accuracy. She mostly keeps a small selection made from adamantium, or whatever is closest to the metal.

Weaknesses: Although she has great strength Raven is not invulnerable to harm. Where her strength can help her not be harmed badly, using it to take a blow when expecting it, catching her off guard will have her effected like a normal human.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Rose Carmen
Father: Joseph Carmen (stepfather - deceased)
Siblings: Matthew Carmen (half brother)
Other Important Relatives:


Raven has been living under lies almost her entire life. The man that brought her up as his daughter wasn't truly her father. Her step father took advantage of this by beating and abusing the young impressionable girl. Her mother, feeling guilty of the betrayal she'd made as she herself was abused by her husband, allowed the abuse to occur and cut off any maternal instincts from her daughter, and instead poured her attention onto her son. During the abuse her father would use her to help with his criminal side, which was mostly hidden from the family. She would shimmy up drain pipes and find ways into houses in order for him to gain access. He would then sell the stolen merchandise on and keep the money to cover gambling debts.

As Raven grew older she realised the abuse she got at home wasn't normal for a child. But by this time she was already blossoming into a young woman. Finally she decided to tried to leave home at the age of sixteen. Since she grew up in England, it was common for some to leave home that young. But the damage had been done though, the mental and physical abuse left her unstable. Her father didn't want to let her go at all, since it would stop him from hiding his gambling problems, plus he would no longer be able to touch her. Just as she tried to leave the house her powers manifested as her father made one last effort in attacking her. The result ended in his death as her super strength made it's first appearance, in a fit of rage and self preservation she tore him apart. It wasn't until she started to calm down that she realised what she had done. This last action made her flee, and it was only a few days later while she was hiding that she discovered that as well as an uncontrollable strength she was also able to fly.

She took almost instantly to petty theft so she wouldn't have to rely on anyone. By mistake she killed a man that she was mugging, after not being able to gain full control of her super strength. From there she realised just how dangerous she could be. This became the turning point, and she spent the next couple years gaining control of her abilities, until they worked almost fully to her whims. Due to not being able to touch anything naturally there was no choice but to explore her control. All the while she drifted, leaving England behind and exploring the surrounding countries, her flight making it an easy option.

Whilst she was touring Europe she met an older man that attempted to be her protector. It turned out she needed no protecting. Her experience with her father turned out to be her trigger, which made her untrustworthy of anyone, especially men. The male remained by her side for a few months, in an attempt to change that, but to no avail. It was during then that she was dubbed Raven by him, due to her appearance and her darkening behaviour.

Raven started to expand in her criminal career in her late teenage years, the combination of her fight and strength made it ideal for break ins, as well as finding that it was useful for killing. She prided herself on not being caught and even started to go to gun ranges in order to expand her knowledge in which after a few months she became good at.

By the time she got to America she had all ready dabbled in trying her hand at being a mercenary. In fact going to America had been a result of one her jobs. Which was to track down a wealthy woman's cheating husband and to eliminate him. Liking the American lifestyle she decided to stay put, her only travels from then on going from state to state. Her confidence grew to the point where she figured she had finally put her past behind her, and started to show an interest in the opposite sex, only with her being the one in control.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Chelle
Experience: Almost 6 long years
Contact: Via PM or ask me for IM contact details
Where'd You Find Us? Linked to by Gambit

RP Sample:

Quote :
Just after Fairen walked out Raven went over to the door and locked it. There would be no interruptions. She now went into the bathroom and stood in front of the sink looking at her reflection. Her features twisted and anger as she picked up a pair on nail scissors. She then focussed on the reflection of her neck, to where Fairen's bite mark from the week before was still healing. She then drove the tip of the scissors into the healing wounds, grunting in pain as she did, reopening them until they looked as if they'd just been made. She dropped the scissors into the sink and turned the tap on to wash away the blood.

That part, painful as it had been was done. Now for the next part. She grabbed hold of her upper arm and wrapped her fingers around it tightly, then squeezed harshly, knowing the exact amount of pressure needed in order to bruise her skin. Then repeated on the other arm just a little lower down the arm, then did the same upon both wrists. She then scratched at her own chest, just enough to break the skin. Turning her attention back to her reflection she gritted her teeth together, and rose a hand up, making sure it would be the correct side, then hit herself hard across the face, then repeated until her cheek started to bruise up along with a light abrasion upon it.

By the time she was done, her eyes were swollen from tears that had run down them, her eye make-up smeared, her lipstick rubbed about. She'd even tugged at her own hair, messing it up. It was only now that a smile appeared over her lips.

"My, my, Fairen. Just look what you did."


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Carmen, Rina
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