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 Moon, Trent

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PostSubject: Moon, Trent   January 19th 2011, 5:16 pm

Trent Gabriel Moon

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Warlord
Aliases: None

Originality: OC

Gender: Male
Birthdate: The 10th of April
Age: 20

Height: 6"
Weight: 215 ib.
Eyes: Icey-steel blue.
Hair: Short hair, naturally black but dyes his roots purple.
Body: Well toned, medium-esque build.

Identifying Marks: Trent has the following words "There are no rules that can bind you when you find your other half" tattooed down his right arm.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Heroes United
Personality: Personality wise Trent is laid back but is hard to get to know since he keeps to himself, Trent also has a passion for weapons, but has vowed to stay away from guns considering his father killed his mother with a gun when he was 6. After being taken from his father by Child services Trent spent most of his life in muliple foster homes, which explains why he keeps to himself.

He has had a few relationships with both the same and opposite sex, but prefers the company of a guy. Trent also loves wrestling, it's something that he uses as an outlet to get out aggression so he won't take it out on others. His taste in music varies from Rock to Death-Metal but mostly listens to metal. All in all Trent is your typical teenaged mutant.

Sexuality: Homosexual
Face Claim: Justin Gabriel (WWE Wrestler)

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Trent's powers include weapon mastery and rengeration. His regeneration isn't anything big, for example if he gets a few broken ribs in battle they should be healed within a day, IF he actually rests. If he hasn't had proper rest that could prolong the regeneration by maybe a day. But the chances of that are 60-40%.

Trent can use any weapon without training. he picks it up and automatically knows how to fight with it. with a melee weapon, he knows every move used to fight with it, no matter how compicated, and can preform them without training. with ranged weapons his aim is perfect and he knows how to properly use the weapon. Example: with a gun, he can shoot and never miss. he also knows how to load and turn on and off the saftey. with a sword he knows how to do every move with it, from basic to advanced.

Skills: Trent can hack pretty much any electrical system, though he's not the fastest. But it does get the job done. He can also fight hand to hand combat and his specialty is kick boxing, though he knows a few others. Trent likes to draw and make weapons and knows how to fluently speak German.

Weaknesses: Trent has to be extremely careful with the amount of weapons he is weilding at once, if he uses more than two weapons he could easily fry his brain. After he discards the weapon any knowledge of how to use the weapon immediatly is erased. However he can re-learn how to use the weapons from past situations in a current fight. Trent maybe calm by nature considering how much it takes to make him made but if the right nerves are hit, his personal feelings always get in the way, which could end in him making judgment calls instead of making the best decision.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Viktoria Moon (Deceased)
Father: Wolvengra Moon (Deceased)
Siblings: Trent is an Only child.
Other Important Relatives: No

History:When Trent was a child he witnessed his mother's murder right in front of him, when his father shot his mother 6 times in the head. A normal child would've been traumatized by an event like that but growing up in a violent home somehow kept Trent from being withdrawn. After his father was convicted and put in prison for the murder of his mother, Trent was put in one foster home after another, he wasn't a violent child just child services kept moving him for whatever reason.

When Trent was 16 he finally arrived from St. Louis Missouri to New York City, New York, after running away from his foster home at the time. Trent knew what he was and thankfully he was able to hide it but he didn't know for how long. One night he was with another mutant who told him of Charles Xavier's school, and how the mutant wanted to go there but the mutant's dream wasn't to be when he sacrificed himself to a gang of Teenagers who hated mutants and killed probably Trent's only friend at that time. Managing to get away Trent made it to Xavier's school and has been there ever since.

Before the Villains rise to power Trent was part of the X-Men as it's weapons expert, constantly researching their enemies weapons if he could and would inform his fellow X-Men as best he could. Spent most of his time in the Danger room training and honing his skills, keeping them at their sharpest. After the X-Men had lost their faith Trent left the group heading out on his own, nobody had heard from him much after that. He'd chosen to keep little to no contact with his friends that he fought side by side with, until recently he resurface. What are his current goals? You'll just have to wait and find out.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Scott Knowles
Experience: 6-8 years
Contact: MSN Mainly: Rex.XIII.GfX@live.com
Where'd You Find Us? Crystal aka Wolverine here told me about the site.

RP Sample:

Quote :
Trent was in his quarters sitting in his quarters of the Heroes United H.Q. working on sketches for weaponsand possible future weapons ideas. He was currently working on a weapon's sketch to help in an upcoming battle but having little to no luck. He just tossed one piece of paper after another into the garbage can before finally switching to an old sketch of a Katana he'd been working on for years. Made out of Adamantium, the Katana sketch's side notes indicated it was a rather large blade, longer than a normal one. Trent chose to make it out of adamantium for the specific reason that Adamantium is virtually indestructible, but would settle for steel if need be.
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PostSubject: Re: Moon, Trent   January 19th 2011, 5:40 pm


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Moon, Trent
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