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 Bennet, Theodore J.

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PostSubject: Bennet, Theodore J.   January 22nd 2011, 4:07 am

Theodore James Bennet

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Time Warp
Aliases: T.J., Teddy, Theo

Originality: OC

Gender: Male
Birthdate: 8. December
Age: 19

Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 210lb
Eyes: Theo's eyes are chocolate brown that squint when he smiles.
Hair: Theo has dark brown almost black hair that he keeps a bit shaggy yet short.
Body: Theo has very defined muscles, yet isn't bulky. He has slightly sloped shoulders and calloused hands from playing the guitar.

Identifying Marks: Theo has several scars from injuries due to motocross crashes. One on his upper left bicep, one on his left knee, and one on his right shin.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Heroes United
Personality: Theo is a shy boy that keeps mostly to himself around strangers and partial strangers. Meeting new people is not an enjoyable activity for him. He avoids their eyes and looks at the ground, afraid to see any judgment. Due to constant scrutiny from his parents, Theo is highly sensitive to what people think of him and doesn't handle teasing or rumors well. He developed a hatred of being ostracized and marginalized, making life as a mutant difficult for him at times. And out of that hatred, came a fear of being alone, which he uses his hobbies to help him deal. He vents his problems through his poetry and music, or works it out with motocross. Theo works hard to keep this side of him contained when in uniform. He could almost become another person when he was out on missions or in the danger room.

Despite his naturally shy attitude towards new people, once Theo knows a person, he lets his walls down. He is loud and crazy when alone with the people he knows. He cracks jokes, teases, and just plays around. He'll share his passion for writing and music with the people he knows. Theo loves to have music on all the time, no matter what he's doing. His favorite thing to do is to just unplug his headphones from his computer and turn up the music. Sometimes, if he knows the song, he'll play along. Ever since he was small, Theo liked to be around people but doesn’t like to interact with them unless he knows the person well. He likes the safe feeling he gets when there are people around and has a great fear of being left alone.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Face Claim: Taylor Lautner

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Theo's powers are the manipulation of time stream and the space-time continuum and slight precognitive abilities. Theo is able to speed up or slow down time within a mile radius. To do so takes all of his concentration and he must keep that concentration up or time will fall to its original pace, he having been the only one to notice the time speeding up or slowing down. Everyone else in the affected area will experience time at a normal pace. Theo can alter the rate of time for as long as he can keep the concentration up. Theo can also freeze objects in time. He can freeze an object as big as a whale, but has trouble keeping objects of that size frozen. If the objects are small, he can keep up to three objects frozen, but has to keep concentration on each. The objects he freezes must be within 600 yards and the smaller the object the longer he can freeze them.

Theo's manipulation of the space-time continuum allows him to travel through time. He achieves this by tearing a hole in the space-time continuum to the specific time he wishes to go to. He can go as far back or ahead as he wishes, since the tears take all the same amount of power to make. While creating the tears, Theo must concentrate hard on the time and place he wishes to go to. The more details he has the better, which makes going into the past easier that going into the future. While in the past or future, Theo can interact with his surroundings, but doing so can cause catastrophic consequences when going to the past. Everything he does has an effect on the present. When a change happens, only Theo is left with memories about how things originally were. When Theo wishes to go home, he simply opens a tear to the time he left, so he often catches himself just as he's leaving to go to the past. Theo also has the ability to see into the future, these visions are at random moments and Theo cannot chose what he sees. These visions don't always come true, deepening on the choices made.

Skills: Theo has talents all across the board. He plays guitar, writes poetry, rides motocross, and is a natural at academics, though he is no genius, except when it comes to the theories of time, since he himself controls it. He plays both acoustic and electric guitar, but he more prefers the sound and abilities of an electric guitar. He can compose his own music, but has much more fun learning songs by his favorite artists. His poetry is always a reflection on how he's feeling. He likes to play with the style of poems, but enjoys free style the best. When not playing guitar or writing poetry, Theo is usually at the track practicing his racing and freestyle riding. Despite being an exceptional rider, Theo only rides for fun, never joining any competitions. He doesn't like the atmosphere the competitions create, since he views riding as just a pass time. To keep in shape for riding, Theo runs, causing him to be a fast runner.

Weaknesses: Theo isn't comfortable with himself, especially his sexual preference, though he is growing to accept himself more. He has a need for acceptance of who he is, but hides it from everyone, not wanting to look self centered. Theo has no experience in the dating department. He has never dated, never kissed someone, hardily even hugs people, so when he likes a guy, he gets panicky and draws into himself. As a part of the X-Men, Theo took orders well and managed to pull himself together enough to be a valuable part of the group even though he didn't know many of his team mates on a personal level. But he was no leader and when thrust into a leader position on the team, he would panic. Theo doesn't like to be alone. He always like to have someone in the same vicinity as him, whether he knows them or not, or whether their even in the same room or not.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Nicole Bennet
Father: Zach Bennet
Siblings: None
Other Important Relatives: None

History:Theo was born to Nichole and Zach Bennet in Brooklyn, New York, both of which were very Roman Catholic. His parents believed strongly in the Church's way, and anything that they didn't agree with was dubbed sinful, and disagreeing with them only got him in more trouble. Punishment in his house was harsh, but never physical and he was constantly drawing into himself to keep out of trouble. This caused him to become shy and turn to poetry and music as an outlet. As he grew older, developing a like for poetry came back around to get him. He was picked on as his Catholic school, being called all kinds of derogatory names by the other kids. The name calling soon became physical violence.

Theo learned about his powers when he froze a bully in time as he went to attack Theo at the age of 14. Excited, he showed his parents when he returned home, not knowing that there was so much hatred towards mutants since they sheltered him immensely. His parents started yelling about how their son was working for the devil. He was told never to use his powers and was removed from his Catholic school and was home schooled under the excuse that he was getting sick easily and his parents wanted him home, away from foreign germs.

After questions arose around the neighborhood about the apparent attack on the kid who tried to attack Theo, his parents decided to send away him to lessen their shame. His parents had heard of Charles Xavier's boarding school for mutants and sent him there, telling all their friends they sent their son to a private Catholic boarding school in England. During his time as a New Recruit, Theo discovered his like of men when he developed a crush on a fellow male recruit. Throughout the period of the crush, Theo denied the entire thing, trying to get himself interested in women. After a while, he gave up on girls and slowly began to accept who he was. Not long after Theo was admitted into the X-Men, the New Nation rose. He then went on to join Heroes United.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Crystal
Experience: Four years- Intermediate
Contact: PM, Email
Where'd You Find Us? I play Neko, Wolverine, and Deadpool.

RP Sample:

Quote :
Theo sat down on a park bench, wiping some sweat off of his brow. He had just come from the track where he had been in his hot fire suit for over an hour. Now he was at the park to relax and cool off, but with how hot it was outside, it didn't seem possible. Even with his shirt off. He stretched and pulled his journal out of his duffel bag which held his blue fire suit. Taking his pen that was clipped to the cover, he started to write.

Theo decided to write about how the lake looked with the sun reflecting off of it. His pen flew across the page of his journal as he wrote. He could sense nothing around him; it was like it was just him and nothing else when he wrote. This was his time to be himself without any hindrance. No one could tell him what he was doing was wrong, no one could dictate what he said, making Theo feel empowered for once in his life. And he loved it.

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Bennet, Theodore J.
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