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PostSubject: Rules   July 1st 2010, 8:59 pm

1. General

1.1. Respect. Every member on this site will deserve respect from you. Whether they be staff or not; villain, hero or neutral; young or wiser; it does not matter, everyone will be respected.

1.2. Sentences. Everything that will be typed on here will be with complete sentences and no chat-speak. We're literate people that should be using literate language.

1.3. Language. This site is meant for people ages thirteen and up, so swearing is allowed. Please do not abuse this power and drop fuck here in this sentence, and then shit there. Please learn how to express yourself [or your character] with acceptable language.

1.4. Fighting. Between members, this should not be happening on this site. If you have an argument with someone else, take it somewhere else. We do not want to hear it.

1.5. Activity. Please try to post at least once every couple of days. If a canon character is unplayed for more than two weeks, first the staff will try to get in touch with you. After the third week, the character will be put up for adoption.

1.6. Change. These rules are subject to change, and sometimes without warning. It is the members job to know them and keep up with them.

1.7. Acceptance. Before you role play your character, the identification card application must be accepted by an administrator or editor. The stamp of approval will be posted for your convenience.

1.8. Advertising. Advertising is only allowed through the advertising forum. It will be immediately deleted if found elsewhere, and it will be reported if advertised through PM.

2. Characters

2.1. Accounts. Each character will have their own account. Proper capitalization is required or the character will not be accepted on the site. The name of the account should be the name of your character, preferably their code name, but full names are accepted as well.

2.2. Sharing. Playing every character that you like in the MARVEL universe isn't a very nice way to share. Make sure that you can balance the characters you choose and that you don't take more than a few canons. OCs are also accepted in this RPG

2.3. Balance. Try to keep the ratio between male characters and females somewhat equal. It is impossible for it to be exactly equal all the time, but don't let the ratio become out of hand. Staff will keep an eye on this.

2.4. Power. A OC character can have no more than three powers, unless otherwise told by a staff member. The powers should have some relation to each other. Canon characters will go on as they were made by MARVEL.

2.5. Manifestation. OCs cannot manifest their mutant powers any younger than the age of thirteen. Any younger will not be accepted.

2.6. Reserving. Reserving a character is acceptable in this community. Reservations will last no longer than two weeks. If an account is not made and an identification card application is not submitted by then, the reservation will be released.

2.7. Time. If an account is made for a character, an application for an identification card must be submitted before seven days is up. If this requirement is not met, the account will be deleted.

2.8. Personality. This site is not an alternate universe. This site is comic-based. Therefore, characters will have the same past and generally the same personality as they would in the comics.

2.9. Face-claim. This will apply to the site, even if it is comic-based. One celebrity can be one character, not two. Make sure your face claim is then not taken.

2.10. Canon. Celebrity face use is allowed only for OCs. Canon characters must use images out of the comics or comic-esque fan art.

2.11. Multiple. If you are creating a second [or more] character, your first character must have at least fifteen in-character posts. This is where reserving comes into play.

2.12. Alliances. An alliance is not a final choice that you make for your character for the rest of their life on this site. If your character switches alliances for any reason, PM an admin so that your group can be changed, with a reason attached. A simple explanation would be fine.

2.13. Lost Cards. While this board offers references to the dropped canon characters, the information typed on the previously accepted character application may not be copied and pasted.

3. Posting and Threads

3.1. Maturity. Sex, profane language and the likes will happen on this site, and it's allowed within reason. Be sure to place an [M] in the title of the threads that will contain sexual content, however. Blacking out is a helpful alternative to this as well.

3.2. Nos. The big nos on all role play sites are god-modding and power playing. If you do not know what these words mean, please look them up. It will not be tolerated. Your character can be beaten and shed blood and their attacks can be blocked. Be aware of this.

3.3. Minimum. Because this is a site for older rather than younger people, there will be a literate feel to it. All role playing post can be no shorter than one well written paragraph. It might sound like a lot, but it's quite easy to achieve.

3.4. Maximum. Talking maximum number of threads a character can participate in at one point in time. As long as you keep your character's time line straight and you don't neglect a thread, you can have as many threads as you like. Do not abuse this rule.

3.5. Story Lines. Please post journals of your RPing past in the appropriate area to keep from confusion. It's not required, just helpful.

3.6. Mingle. Role play with as many characters as you can. Give yourself some change and get to know the other characters. Playing with only one other person isn't very nice to the rest of the members.

3.7. Share. If more than two people are role playing in a thread, take turns. Don't completely take the thread and leave one or more people out of it.

3.8. Point-of-View. Write in third person point of view. Again, it keeps to the continuity, and it makes it a little easier to understand. I think.

4. Graphics

4.1. Avatars. Avatars must be exactly 150px by 200px. They shall not be any smaller and it is impossible for them to be larger.

4.2. Signatures. Signatures can be no larger than 600px wide and 250px tall. If they are any larger they will be removed.

4.3. Content. Keep all pictures on this site clean. No pornographic material, and only mild gore is allowed. Profane language cannot be added to avatars or signatures.

4.4. Applications. Before bio applications are accepted, a 150px by 200px avatar must be uploaded to your account.

4.5. Share. Well, you don't have to share. But if you can make a mean graphic and someone else is asking for help, help them out if you have the time. Brownie points.

5. Chat Box

5.1. Advertising. This is not allowed in the cbox, even if you're a respected member or staff of the site.

5.2. Respect. Again, this will apply to the cbox as well.

5.3. Character. The cbox is to be written as your character would speak and act. All OOC comments will be put in brackets.

5.4. Usage. The cbox is for members that have already been accepted, for pending members to quickly alert the staff members about their bio or for guests with questions.

5.5. Priority. Catching up with forum-based RPGs takes priority over the c-box. You must have one post per character account, unless you are all caught up, within one week of the current time must be posted before you turn to the c-box, muse or no muse.


Do not steal these rules. They are original to this site; time and effort was spent on the creation of them. Thank-you.


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