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 Blithe, Marian D.

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PostSubject: Blithe, Marian D.   February 7th 2011, 1:46 am

Marian Donna Blithe

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Hacker
Aliases: Mistress Mary, Merry, Hacker, Walking Computer, Mary Smith (in the past year that's how she has introduced herself)

Originality: OC

Gender: Female
Birthdate: 15th of January
Age: 15

Height: 5 Feet and 2 Inches
Weight: 95 pounds (underweight)
Eyes: Marian's eyes are blue-green in color in a soft almond shape, and are a little off-sized to each other, though also a tad big.
Hair: She has light blonde hair falling to her shoulders straight until they reach the ends, in which case they turn up slightly in a bit of a curl. It is rather thick and soft.
Body: She is of, right now, an underweight build and she is also of a weak (now) athletic build. She was once in prestine gymnastic condition. Not so much since the Nation's taken over.

Identifying Marks: Her eyes as they glow. They look quite freaky and remind people of inverted colorization. She also has scars around her wrists as if they were tightly bound at one point and she rubbed her wrists raw to get free.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Unaffiliated

Marian is a quiet girl that loves to be useful. Being useless just annoys her, so this new regime, where she can't find her family, is useless when not near machines, and is driving herself to near death, annoys her. She is often in a state of stress coming from the fact she doesn't have a lot of usefulness under this new regime...so long as she isn't affiliated. She would probably find herself locked up in a computer room or something if ever taken by the Nation (or another group that has a computer system). Marian is also someone who is a worrier, which is not helping her health by any means. In fact, these two things are what cause a majority of Marian's health problems.

Marian is very shy and doesn't really enjoy socializing, which stems from the hatred she didn't understand from her siblings. Whenever she tried to become friends with her siblings, she was harshly rejected. As such, this has led to her having a deep-seated fear of rejection, leaving her very lonely. When she began to look at boys, she decided she didn't want to risk having her heart broken. As such, she is highly defensive whenever anyone flirted with her, often reacting in a manner that was an over-reaction.

Due to the nature she used her powers, which was to hack, she is a very closed off from people, being subversive. She prefers to learn from people in backwards ways. From observations and the ways they do, or don't, answer her questions.

Sexuality: Straight
Face Claim: AnnaSophia Robb

. . . This Is What I Do


Technopathy: Marian has the psychic ability to sense and control the functions of electronic devices (such as cellphones, computers, ATMs, cars [except older models], etc). If given enough time, she can override security codes. She can also sense the presence of near-by electronics. This ability gives her the secondary mutation that came about around the same time as her main one.

+Digital Mind: psychic mimicry of the electronic thought processes of a computer hard drive, allowing memory and data gathering, analysis and processing on par with a supercomputer. Because of this, she can also read bar codes and binary code like an actual language. It also allows her to download a copy of files into her memory and later upload them to another computer. (One of her programs she uploaded into her mind is a GPS, so she knows where she is whenever she activates it).

-link to the site I got this, and copied it from, is here-


Lock-picking - She mostly picked up the skill out of boredom back when she had lots of time on her hands. However, she is better at simple locks. In fact, she's more likely to just go in through a window if the lock is really complex.

Gymnastics - She was a gymnastics girl. She trained as it for a long time. As such, she is very flexible and has a high endurance.

Computer-programing - With her own skills, on top of her mutation, she can create just about any kind of program.


It hurts her when she downloads things into her mind and then uploads them onto another computer.
If she is stressed, all electronic devices go haywire around her.
She is useless if she doesn't have any technology around.
While she can still use things that aren't charged, they put a severe strain on her, something she can't really afford in her present state of health.
Whenever she uses her powers, her eyes glow. As such, being stealthy becomes a lot less likely when you have headlight eyes. It also makes her stand out in people's memories and if she needs to "borrow" money from ATMs and such, she is immediatly noticed when her eyes start to glow. It is mostly affecting her stealth and trying to stay under the radar.
The more she is connected to a computer, or the deeper into a computer she goes, the more dangerous it is for her. If she's almost completely "in" a computer and the computer crashes, she could also "crash", ending up dead or in a coma, depending.
She's underweight due to malnutrition, so she wears out quickly and has to stop often. It also has done havoc on her health.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Jessica Blithe (nee Stone) [deceased at 35]
Father: Vincent Blithe (50, missing)
Siblings: Linda Blithe (25, missing), Peter Blithe (22, missing), and Ronald Blithe (19, missing)
Other Important Relatives: none

Marian was born on January 15th, at the expense of her mother. Her mother would die about a week later, due to stress and complications that followed after Marian's birth. Her father didn't hold it against her, but her siblings did. That was about all it was. Marian grew up loved by her father and hated by her siblings. She didn't understand that part, but her father showered her with gifts, so Marian pushed it out of her mind. She began to get a wonderful understanding of computers and she realized she was able to read binary code, though it seemed to flicker in & out of her vision. She ignored it after awhile.

Her life passed through like normal, until her powers fully awoke when she was 12 years old. It overloaded her mind, practically sensing and 'hearing' electronical devices around her. They went highwire, sending out sparks and she eventually fell unconsious. When she came to, her father rushed her out of the way and made sure to have her trained. Her life was flipped onto its head when her father sent her to Massachusetts Academy. However, once she was settled, she began to excel. During that time, she began gymnastics training, wanting something physical to do that wouldn't be related to anything. Despite being trained, Marian was too peaceloving to get into the fighting side of Massachusetts Academy.

Two years later, the world blew up. She, along with various other students that were fighters, were evacuated. However, she was seperated from her group and was left stranded with her laptop computer and a cellphone. While they didn't need to be charged for her to have them work, it was more difficult. She had the chargers in her bag and she continued to run. About six months ago, she was caught by a group of people and tied up using leather straps. She rubbed her wrists raw and bloody before she managed to get free and run again.

She tried to find her family, but she doesn't know where they are or what happened to them. Not a fighter, and useless without any technology around, or on the front lines. She remained unaffiliated, but is severely affecting her health. And it is quickly deteroaiting.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Perspective
Experience: A few years; I'm moderate-advanced
Contact: Email or PM
Where'd You Find Us? X-Generation, through Rogue

RP Sample:

Quote :
Marian ran as fast as she could, jeans splattered with mud, a laptop bag tight over her shoulder. She had just ripped off an ATM...and been caught. She ran faster, ducking around, gasping for breathe. And she had only been running for fifteen minutes.

She pushed herself harder, glancing over her shoulder, before speeding up. She could sense a piece of electronic equipment ahead. She just hoped that it was something that would be useful. Marian continued to reach out and then she heard it. The roar of a machine and she pulled it toward her. Whatever it was, it would rush to her and she tripped over her own feet as she threw herself out of the way of the truck she had pulled and controlled. She hit the ground with a painful cough, before she carefully stood up, taking off again.

What else could Marian do, but run. Run and try to find her family, wherever they were.

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PostSubject: Re: Blithe, Marian D.   February 7th 2011, 1:50 pm

In weaknesses there is a few comments about her eyes glowing, but there isn't anything here to suggest that it is an actual power/personality weakness, more just an indication that the powers are in use. Unless the glowing causes some sort of side effect then this isn't required in this section, if there is an actual side effect from the glowing then this needs to be stated.


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Quote : It is all about the right channels and the right clearences. I can get you both.

PostSubject: Re: Blithe, Marian D.   February 7th 2011, 2:37 pm

Sorry. The eyes glowing kind-of defeat the purpose of being stealthy.
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Quote : Never trust a pretty face

PostSubject: Re: Blithe, Marian D.   February 7th 2011, 7:08 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Blithe, Marian D.   

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Blithe, Marian D.
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