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 Brighton, Dahlia L

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PostSubject: Brighton, Dahlia L   April 21st 2011, 9:36 pm

Dahlia Lucy Brighton

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Shadowdance
Aliases: n/a

Originality: OC

Gender: Female
Birthdate: 17 December
Age: 21

Height: 5 feet and 10 inches
Weight: 155 pounds
Eyes: Dahlia’s eyes are a pale blue eyes that are oval shaped and average proportioned to her face. Occasionally are just all black.
Hair: She has just past shoulder blades auburn-blonde-brown hair that is curly.
Body: She has a rather thin, well-toned build. This might be from working out and the fact she runs a lot.

Identifying Marks: This really black…mark across her back that looks like something is staining her with non-reflective ink. Oh, and she’s never without a shadow, even when one shouldn’t be there. And occasinally her eyes are complete black.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Unaffiliated

Dahlia is, to put it bluntly, not a people person. She does not like people, will not go out of her way to help them, and if someone is being mugged, she might beat up the muggers to get the things they got from the one mugged. She is cold, distant, and at times a bit jumpy, bordering on paranoia. She always thinks the worst of people and she never trusts anyone. She also seems unsure of herself, but she seems to hold herself like everything is fine in her world, even when everyone else’s is crashing down.

And while she isn’t talkative, she isn’t quiet. She hums, or sings, childhood songs, or sometimes taps her feet to a beat. She’s on-key, but no one would ever pay to hear her voice.

Unless her eyes are black. Then, it’s like she is a complete different person. She is quiet. She does not speak. She does not hum, she is quiet. It is like power is suddenly drawn around her and she, all around, just seems darker. She still doesn’t like to be around people, but she is more than willing to ‘interfere’ now. Well, in her own way. She is as quiet as the shadows, dancing right into the darkness.

She does have some kindness, but not to people in general. Mostly to animals or little kids. However, she doesn't like to show it and will often mutter something about the 'noise bugging her'.

Sexuality: Straight
Face Claim: Hirsh, Halle

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: –Dahlia has a connection, through her brain, with the Darkforce. To be more specific, it is like partially bleeding into her brain and showing up across her back. Tormenting her, whispering to her. However, in exchange, it has given her interesting abilities.

Darkness Manipulation – She can pull the Darkforce into this realm through the shadows, allowing her to control the Darforce-infused shadows into anything she can imagine. Said shadows are also now solid due to their infusion.

Darkforce Travel – She can travel through, and in, the Darkforce.

((ooc: I would like other powers to wake up the more ‘tainted’ she gets by the Darkforce, but not so much she becomes some cosmic being, like Fallen One))

Skills: She can run.

She is highly sensitive to light, because of the Darkforce.
She doesn’t have that great of control when she’s ‘emotionally compromised’ (scared, hurt, sad, angry) This shows in different forms. When she’s scared, the shadows attack blindly. When she’s hurt, she falls into the Darkforce realm. When she’s sad, the shadows wrap around her, hiding her from view. When she’s angry, she reaches far beyond her capacity, creating visions of nightmares to attack whoever angered her.
If she’s happy, she can’t use her powers at all.
The Darkforce whispers in her mind and she listens to it. End of discussion.
Dahlia hates people, but can’t help wanting to defend and take care of little kids. As in nowhere near puberty kids.
And animals.
She’ll risk her life for both.
When she travels through the Darkforce, she loses sense of direction and time. So, she might come up in the middle of the ocean, in broad daylight.
If she comes out of the Darkforce, in broad daylight, she is blinded for the next few minutes to hours, depending on if it was direct sunlight or not.
She can’t swim.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Marie Brighton
Father: unknown (to Dahlia)
Siblings: none
Other Important Relatives: Aunt Felicity, spinster aunt


Dahlia was born normally and without complications on December 17, 20 years ago. She grew up like all the other children, except for her aversion to sunlight and her mother didn’t notice anything wrong until her daughter was five years old and, for no reason, shouted ‘Shut up!’ into the shadows of the kitchen. After that, Marie paid more attention to her little girl and noticed all the other weird things. Like her daughter always having a shadow and how everything about the girl seemed to grow darker, even when everything around her seemed untouched.

When Dahlia was eight years old, her mother noticed a black ink stain on her daughters back, but no matter how often she tried to wash it off, it didn’t come off. She stopped when her daughter’s back became red from the constant scrubbing. The next day, while Dahlia was with a babysitter, and her mother was driving home, at night, she had an accident.

No one could explain it. No even tried to. She lost control of the car and she crashed. Probably avoiding one of those bikers. And, in Dahlia’s depression, she turned to the whispers. The whispers who comforted and calmed. No one noticed the stain across her back grow. Because no one was looking for it. She was adopted by Aunt Felicity, who was an odd, batty, spinster woman. But, she did not pay much attention to Dahlia, and noticed no change.

She liked the fact that, except for the humming and sometimes singing, she was quiet and didn’t bother her. Which was just fine for Aunt Felicity.

Dahlia got average grades throughout school and slowly began to have an aversion to bright lights. By the time she reached high school, she couldn’t attend and Aunt Felicity signed the papers for her to be homeschooled instead. They decided it was a slight allergy to the light, or something similar. Eventually, Aunt Felicity took Dahlia to the doctor’s. There, he discovered the stain, only now spread across her back like a giant ink splotch.

However, he recognized it. Before anything could come of it, Dahlia’s first mutation, the Darkforce manipulation, occurred. The shadows became infused with the Darkforce and the Doctor became drowned in his own fears. Dahlia got dressed again and the whispers comforted her once more. From there, Dahlia screamed, pretending to be frightened, and the shadows became shadows once more, leaving the good doctor gasping for breath.

After that, Dahlia began to train her powers, from age 15 on. With only five years of self-training, avoiding being part of a bigger picture (somehow), she awoke her Darforce Travel when she was 19. From there on, she was a slave to her emotions…and the Darkforce.

She was rather uneffected by the Rise of the Villians. Actually, wait...nope. Totally unaffected. She accepted the regime change for what it was and kept off people's toes, giving the proper authorites the proper respect.

Not that she runs into them much.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Dawn, here
Experience: No clue
Contact: PM
Where'd You Find Us? …I don’t want to look for it right now.

RP Sample:

Quote :
Dahlia leaned against the wall and pulled out a lighter as well as a pack of cigarettes. Kill her, kill her not. Since the whispers had no objections to her smoking, she would smoke, thank you very much. They were always there too. No going out and never coming back. Nope.

Always there. Always whispering.

She took a drag off her cigarette and then let it dangle from her fingers. Not carelessly, she didn’t want to waste it, but there. She let out a slow breath and rolled her shoulders under the black motorcycle jacket she was wearing. She stretched her legs, the jeans looking baggy on her, but that was because they were stretch jeans.

Easier to run in.

She took another drag and let the smoke drift up. All was quiet. All was at piece. A rattle of trash cans drew her attention and she looked over to find a kid digging through the garabge. She muttered a curse and threw the cigarette to the ground, stomping it out before she wandered over.

She then handed him a bag of something that was at least not garbage and gave it to the kid.

“Thanks miss!” he exclaimed and ran off.

“Whatever,” she muttered, pulling out another cigarette and lighting up.

The whispers had nothing against the kid.

All was right with the world once more.

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The Resistance [Admin]

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PostSubject: Re: Brighton, Dahlia L   April 22nd 2011, 1:20 pm

I don't see a lot of things wrong with this. But I do see a couple things.

Well, this is more a question that not: Are all of your OCs short little things? Five foot? Jeesh ...

But that's not really a critique.

This is: To me, Darkforce kind of sounds like something you got off of Star Wars, and most of everything concerning it continues to make me believe that it's very Star Wars-ish. Except for maybe the teleportation within the Darkforce. But it also sounds a bit like Nightcrawler's powers. Maybe not a lot, but a little.

As for the history, I suppose I could let the early signs of mutation pass. It's probably improbable (so is everything on this site, really), but it's passable in my eyes. If someone else complains about it, though, we're probably going to have to discuss it a wee bit.


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PostSubject: Re: Brighton, Dahlia L   April 22nd 2011, 2:09 pm


Darkforce: A form of extradimensional energy that manifests itself in our universe as a non-reflective, highly opaque, black substance. Certain adepts use psionic, or magical means to draw this energy into our dimension and use it in various ways

I got it off the marvel website.

The characters, Dark Star, Black Mamba, Cloak, and a few others all are either directly connected with it or have objects that connect them to it. I did my homework when it came to it, went on a few fansites about those characters, and such. Black Mamba, one directly connected, sometimes heard stuff and Fallen One was one of Galaxticus's hearlds, but he was tapped into teh Darkforce, becoming a god-like person.

Well, cosmic.


And I can make her taller, it's not that difficult.
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The Resistance [Admin]

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PostSubject: Re: Brighton, Dahlia L   February 4th 2012, 3:45 pm

Dawny, we left you hanging on this one, sorry. And I am familar with Dark Force, so I see no issue with it, the height, or the power manifestation. Just let us know if you still want this character, kay?


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PostSubject: Re: Brighton, Dahlia L   February 4th 2012, 3:59 pm

Yeah, I still want her. I just didn't put her in the list due to the fact that she hadn't been accepted and I wasn't sure if I should keep her in the 'active' or not.
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The Resistance [Admin]

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PostSubject: Re: Brighton, Dahlia L   February 4th 2012, 8:56 pm

Nah, she's still pending, so she shouldn't be added. Since I see no issues with your app, I'm gonna just accept you.


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PostSubject: Re: Brighton, Dahlia L   

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Brighton, Dahlia L
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