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 Creed, Victor

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PostSubject: Creed, Victor   April 25th 2011, 2:00 am

Victor Creed

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Sabretooth
Aliases: Slasher, El Tigre, Der Schlächter ("The Butcher" in German), Graydon Creed Sr., Mr. Silver, God of the Hunt

Originality: Canon

Gender: Male
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Height: F6'6"
Weight: 275lbs
Eyes: Amber iris with cat slit pupils.
Hair: Long, blond hair with heavy, blond facial hair.
Body: Extremely muscular and powerful sized, Creed has largely bulging muscles.

Identifying Marks: Elongated canine teeth, claws in place of nails on his fingers and toes.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: New Nation

If there is anything that can describe Victor Creed, it is animalistic. He is a hunter and an alpha male, there is no more justified way to describe him. Cold, calculating, cruel, he shows no mercy in the face of anyone and no loyalty to anyone who cannot provide an end to match the means that will suit him best. He looks out for number one above all. This explains much of him. Mixed with that he is an almost instinctual being, Victor is not known for his compassion toward living creatures, only his willingness to tear their lives from them.

Creed is adept at making enemies with his traits. His pleasure comes from causing as much pain and distress as possible, however he does so in such a fashion that can only lead others to believe he has no sense of empathy in his being. Victor plays with his prey before he puts an end to them, though not every situation involves physical violence to play with them.

By caring only for himself, Sabretooth has changed sides more often than most mutants will. If the result will not benefit him in the way he wishes it to, then he will find a new side which will provide him with a more

Sexuality: Straight
Face Claim: Victor Creed

. . . This Is What I Do


Regenerative Healing Factor: Originally, Sabretooth's healing factor meant that he could reform or reproduce massive areas where damage became inflicted, for example, in a matter of moments, he could heal from bullet and stab wounds, or recover completely from a broken back or severed spine in just a matter of days. However, as a result of augmentations over the years, his healing factor rapidly stepped up, allowing him to recover from far more dangerous scale injuries such as blunt head trauma, slashes and the like in a matter of moments.

* Foreign Chemical Immunity: His healing factor has also produced an immunity to both drugs and poisons. As a knock on effect, it is impossible for him to get drunk.

* Immunity To Diseases: Further improvements have meant that Sabretooth posses a highly amplified immune system, preventing him from becoming infected with any known earth disease or infection.

* Weather Insulated Adaptation: His body is able to hold out strong against even the most extreme of temperatures, going so far as to be able to survive for long periods of time nude in sub-zero temperatures without sustaining bodily damage.

* Extended Longevity: As an add on to his healing abilities, Sabretooth shares an extended lifespan like Wolverine. Despite being at an advanced age, Sabretooth still appears to be in his physical prime.

* Superhuman Stamina: Due to his advanced muscular status, Sabretooth organinally was able to exert himself at peak levels for several hours before feeling the effects, however due to augmentations and upgrades to his physical being over time, he was able to change that to at least 24 hours.

Superhuman Strength: Sabretooth possessed superhuman strength that has been artificially augmented on a number of occasions over the years. Initially, he possessed sufficient strength to lift slightly above 800 lbs for brief amounts of time, slightly greater than the maximum amount an ordinary human is capable of lifting. After a series of augmentations however, it was confirmed that his strength is greater than that of Wolverine's - who can carry an excess of 800 pounds for brief period of time.

Superhuman Agility: Sabretooth's agility, balance, and bodily coordination were enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits, even those of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Sabretooth's reflexes was similarly enhanced and were made superior to those of the finest human athlete.

Superhumanly Acute Senses: Due to the feral mutation Sabretooth's body underwent, his senses were acutely heightened, able to see much further with better clarity, including in near total darkness, without any difficulties.

Claws and Fangs: Sabretooth has retractable talons in place of fingernails. The claws are naturally sharp and tougher than that of normal human bone structure, allowing Sabretooth to cut through most types of flesh and natural materials. Sabretooth's claws, along with his skeleton, have been bonded with Adamantium. As a result, his claws were virtually indestructible. The Adamantium further enhanced the already razor sharp edge of Sabretooth's claws and enabled him to slice through almost any surface, with the known exceptions of Adamantium itself and Captain America's shield.


Sabretooth is well versed and trained in hand to hand combat, having been trained by the CIA, Weapon X, the Foreigner, and HYDRA, making him an all round dangerous foe in a physical confrontation, as well as weapons, explosives, vehicle and assassination techniques.

Outside of his heightened senses, he is an excellent hunter and tracker, often able to find his targets without putting them to use.

He has developed a heightened resistance to psychic probes, and manipulation, making it difficult to read his mind and control his actions at free will.


Sabretooth was vulnerable to the Muramasa Blade. The sword, which was constructed through some means with the use of a piece of Wolverine's own soul, had the ability to greatly nullify the efficiency of an accelerated healing factor.

Beheading him is a sure fire fight ender - despite his heightened healing factor, Sabretooth is not able to re-attach or re-grow his head once it is cut from his shoulders.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Unnamed mother (deceased)
Father: Zebadiah Creed (father, deceased)
Siblings: Luther Creed (brother, deceased)
Other Important Relatives: Graydon Creed (son, deceased)


When Victor's mutation first manifested, Victor killed his brother over a piece of pie. His father would systemically pull out Victor's "devil teeth" in an attempt to purge the boy of his demons. Victor was chained like an animal in the family cellar for years until one day Victor chewed off his own hand in order to break free and subsequently murder his parents.

Although certain memories of their encounters have been tampered with, it appears Sabretooth did attack a Blackfoot tribe Wolverine was a part of. The main victim was Silverfox. Creed coerced Wolverine into attacking another tribe.

In a later occasion, Sabretooth has been involved with a group responsible for the killing of Wolverine's wife Itsu and the abduction of her son. These events have been uncovered by Wolverine's recent regain of his full memory.

Sometime in the mid-60's, apparently, Creed, now code-named Sabretooth, was a member of a special black ops group, along with Wolverine and Maverick. One of their missions was to steal the carbonadium synthesizer from Russia, which led them to meet Omega Red, and force him into hibernation. Sabretooth was a cold operative, willing to sell out his teammates to save himself and the mission.

While on a mission in Germany, Creed was assigned to guard Leni Zauber, a German spy. The two became intimate, and Zauber eventually gave birth to a child, whom Creed never knew until years later, just as he didn't know that Leni was actually Mystique. Creed was then abducted into the original Weapon X Program, which was attempting to create super-powered sleeper agents. Part of the program was brainwashing and memory-implanting, performed by the Psi-Borg and using elaborate movie sets. It seems that unlike some of the other recruits, Sabretooth seems to have already had his claws and anti-aging factor. However, he did not receive the adamantium bonding that Wolverine did.

He fought against the martial artist Iron Fist. Shortly thereafter, Creed was recruited into the Marauders by Gambit on behalf of Mr. Sinister, and led the villains in the Morlock Massacre. It was there that Wolverine first encountered Sabretooth in their costumed personas. Sabretooth escaped Wolverine's vengeance, and attacked the Mansion, but was beaten off by new X-Man Psylocke.

Much later, after attacking Wolverine countless times, Sabretooth was forced to join his Weapon X Program teammates to discover why their age-suppression was wearing off. They infiltrated the old base and discovered the truth about the program and their memories. While being driven mad by Psi-Borg, Sabretooth killed Silver Fox, whom Logan loved, thus fulfilling the implanted memory of her murder at Creed's hands that had haunted Wolverine for years. Sabretooth was apparently consumed by Psi-Borg, but re-emerged later, with some of his memory implants removed, thanks to the telepath.

Sometime prior to this, Sabretooth had found a telepath named Birdy who used her powers to calm his murderous rages. During this period Sabretooth often dressed in suits and began building a power base. A deal with the Hand brought him into conflict with Omega Red and the X-Men again, and he was thwarted. Soon afterwards, Creed's son Graydon discovered his father's identity and came after him, eventually killing Birdy, which drove Sabretooth mad.

Sabretooth lost all control at this point, and Maverick called in the X-Men to help stop him. Amazingly, Professor X thought that Creed was crying for help, and chose to take him into the Mansion and help him rather than kill him. While he was a patient/prisoner in the X-Mansion, Sabretooth constantly goaded the X-Men, but was beaten back time and again, by Jean Grey, who refused to give him his "fix" and by Bishop during a power outage. Creed did have his useful moments: He assisted Shadowcat in tracking Caliban in the Morlock tunnels, and when the Phalanx attacked the X-Men, he helped Banshee and Emma Frost locate and rescue the Generation X mutants. However, at his core he was still evil, and one night when Wolverine was alone guarding him, Sabretooth nagged his nemesis to no end. Finally, when the moment was right, Creed slammed into the restraining forcefield and pushed his way through it, daring Logan to kill him. Wolverine nearly complied, putting a bone claw through Sabretooth's brain.

Following that particular encounter, Creed was reduced for a time to a child-like mental state, but he soon recovered and tricked Boomer into releasing him. Psylocke intervened, and was critically injured as Sabretooth escaped. Archangel was also wounded, his metal wings slashed open, precipitating the return of his feathered flesh-and-blood wings. When Creed was finally brought down by the X-Men, he was taken into government custody, fitted with a restraining collar that prevented him from attacking without sanction, and made a member of X-Factor. Eventually, however, Sabretooth inured himself to the pain generated by the collar and ripped it off, whereupon he hacked and slashed his way through his teammates, nearly killing them all.

Creed then rejoined his true "employers," the Hound Program, but was censured for killing, and not simply capturing, his targets.

Sabretooth appeared during Wolverine's marriage to Viper. This time, Sabretooth sported new adamantium-laced bones and claws, as well as an extremely accelerated healing factor, making him much more deadly than usual. Sabretooth also had implants which make him much stronger than a man of his build and weight. However, Creed lost his adamantium when he failed to defeat Wolverine in a match set up by Apocalypse to see who would be his next Horseman. Apocalypse siphoned all the metal out of Creed and into Logan and left him for dead. Later, Gambit found Creed dying in a cave in South America, guarded by tribal Indians. In return for helping Creed recover, Gambit got him to lead him to one of Sinister's bases. After that mission, Gambit secured enough adamantium from the Constrictor to keep Creed alive.

Months later, Creed was captured and re-implanted with adamantium bones by what turned out to be a revamped Weapon X project. He ran some recruiting missions for them, but appalled most of the agents with his twisted bloodlust. Secretly, though, Sabretooth was gathering information such as the Director's command codes and other resources, which he used after escaping from the program. He hired Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike to hunt down and attempt to kill Wolverine's nearest and dearest: Nightcrawler, the Hudsons and his foster-daughter Amiko and her guardian Yukio. He then activated a Neutralizer-like cannon using the Director's codes, stealing Logan's mutant abilities. The captured Amiko and Logan were brought to Creed, who taunted Logan with a game of cat and mouse, for Amiko's life and for the "Logan Files," supposedly his lost memories. Logan managed to beat Creed, who was himself shot with the Neutralizer cannon and was recaptured by Weapon X. Somehow, however, Sabretooth escaped Weapon X again, and set himself up against the organization, beating them to their recruits and killing them horribly. Worse, Creed planned to sell the secrets of Weapon X to other countries looking to set up their own mutant forces.

Finally, after Sabretooth viciously scarred Aurora, the Director called in Weapon Zero, who tracked Sabretooth down and slit his throat, then shot him with adamantium bullets and burned his flesh with acid. Zero was stopped from killing Creed only by the Director's implant, and Sabretooth was returned to the Weapon X Program. He was kept under control by Mesmero, but when Mesmero's powers failed, Sabretooth escaped. He actually returned to the compound when the Underground attacked, and was found by Marrow, who fought him and used a water release pipe to wash him down the drain.

He was seen again in the wilderness of Canada where he encountered Sasquatch and the newest Wendigo. Sabretooth and the Wendigo ended up in the Arctic Sea, presumed dead by Sasquatch. After a fearsome battle in the Arctic Waters, Sabretooth emerged victorious with the hide of the Wendigo.

Sabretooth later reappeared working for a Megacorp, a large company whose owner wanted to destroy Sinister. He got beaten around by a bunch of Essex's genetically engineered goons, but eventually defeated them with a telepathic scrambler he gotten from Scalphunter. Then Sabretooth was pulled off the assignment by Tomes, the owner, who was really John Sublime. Creed went to work with a reconstituted Brotherhood, attacking in Philadelphia and getting routed by the X-Men. Then Sabretooth was part of the Brotherhood's attack on the X-Mansion, and after throwing a student through a window, got into a melee with Wolverine, who appeared to have dismembered him.

Later, he was forced to become a member of a new version of the defunct Weapon X program and his skeleton was infused with adamantium once more. Sabretooth revealed that by means of genetic enhancement the Weapon X program increased his strength and accelerated his healing factor. Eventually he escaped and began operating as a solo agent. Sabretooth was one of the villains working to find the Identity Disc.

He was later seen in Nogales, Mexico, fleeing from a mysterious group of superhumans collectively known as The Children. Their reasons for pursuing him remain unknown, but two of them — Sangre and Serafina were seen tracking him. Sangre then activated a singularity generator that annihilated most of the town and killed all its citizens, except for a little girl whom Serafina deliberately shielded from the destruction so there would be a witness to what happened. He later encountered two more of the Children — Aguja and Fuego. They attacked him and temporarily neutralized his healing factor, but he managed to escape regardless, only to end up at the Xavier Institute later that night seeking sanctuary.

Sabretooth recently renewed his rivalry with Wolverine upon the latter's return to the X-Mansion. Wolverine hurled Sabretooth through a window and the two fought savagely. After fighting to a standstill, Sabretooth dug his claws into Wolverine's chest while Wolverine held his right fist against Sabretooth's throat. Sabretooth warned that he would rip Wolverine's heart out if Wolverine popped his claws. Wolverine immediately responded with "Let 'er rip" and extracted his claws. After recovering, Sabretooth chained Wolverine to the roof of the Blackbird. Wolverine broke free and renewed his attack, causing Sabretooth to crash the jet into the ground. Emerging from the flaming wreckage, they continued to fight while healing from their injuries until they were suddenly separated by a bolt of lightning. Wolverine's former teammate, and current Queen of Wakanda, Storm appeared and scolded them both, stating cryptically that "You are both going to have to learn that you cannot kill one another without killing yourselves!" Later, Sabretooth was chained in the the royal palace of Wakanda complaining about the way he was being treated. He soon broke free and escaped into the jungle, with the Black Panther quickly giving chase. He caught up to Sabretooth and engaged him in battle, with Sabretooth gaining the upper hand. Sabretooth wrapped his right hand around the Panther's throat and hoisted him off the ground and was about to deal a killing blow when Wolverine suddenly arrived. Without hesitation, Wolverine used his claws to slice off Sabretooth's hand.

During a later confrontation, Wolverine seemingly put an end to their long feud once and for all. Wolverine used the Muramasa Blade to slice off Sabretooth's right arm at the shoulder. The blade was forged by using a piece of Wolverine's own soul and had the ability to greatly nullify the effects of a superhumanly enhanced healing rate. Sabretooth, who had easily reattached his hand after having it sliced off by Wolverine's claws, was unable to do the same with his arm. It is possible the arm could have reattached, if he'd held it in place long enough, or he could have possibly regrown another since the sword didn't completely nullify accelerated healing powers. However, Wolverine seemingly killed Sabretooth by decapitating him with the sword. Sometime after Sabretooth's death, Professor X revealed to Wolverine that before he recruited him, Sabretooth was his first choice to be a member of the X-Men.

Come the Rise of the Villians, it was suspected that Sabretooth was deceased. However, surrounding forces were ignored in which seemed to work in favour of Sabretooth. Although the Muramasa Blade was enough to defeat him, his body was not thorougly dealt with. Fate and Death intervened, determining it not Sabretooth's time to die and so brought about his revival. He was brought back in the arctic wastelands, where he then went about navigating his way back to the now over-run world where he could officially become a part of the New Nation.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Flare/Hunter/Sabretooth
Experience: Number of years now, at a decent level.
Contact: Chatbox or private message.
Where'd You Find Us? Existing member as Flare.

RP Sample:

With a sharp inhale, he stands, centre of the crowd, gazing around himself. A slow, creeping grin meets his face, and Creed has it in his nose, in his senses - the target. Beginning to skulk his way through the bustling people, he keeps his mouth shut, dressed in a pair of jeans and a white tank-top, Victor reaches a building, which he bothers no time looking for a way to notify his entry - prefering the role of stepping indoors via forceful shove to the door, ripping it from the lock and following the scent trail. Leading him upstairs, he circles around a few times, raising further and further up the levels until, finally, he stops. Following a short corridor, Sabretooth allows his nose to lead, before stopping at a final door, chapping against the wooden frame.


A perfect lie, no matter what, the occupants would have to answer. Hands by his sides, slightly clawed, his talons grow from his fingertips, razor sharp and shiny, ready for whatever he had to throw at the owner of the apartment, or whatever poor individual got himself in front of Victor and the target. As he waited, the excitement bubbling inside of him, Creed's eyes dart to the door handle the second it begins to shift while the locks are undone. Finally, the last of the locks are undone and the handle shifts down, about to swing open. Showtime.
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Creed, Victor
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