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The Resistance [Admin]

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PostSubject: Claim an Interest   January 29th 2012, 11:23 pm

The New Nation was closed because I personally ran out of time (I couldn't write along with sports and school, which quickly turned into school and work) and no one else would lend me a constructive hand. So along comes a Wolverine, offering to help rebuild the site to its previous glory. Which, frankly, wasn't all that glorious, but at least it was active and we had a few people that would drop by.

I still don't have time, but I'll try to stick around for as much as I possibly can. So, since the founder can't be the whole foundation for this new New Nation, I'll split up the job to the two online people I trust most: Raven and Wolverine.

Of course, I didn't ask express permission from Raven to do this, but hell - she's stuck around. Chris I've known in Internet form for a couple years now and I know she can help out. Plus, she came to me.

So anything that needs a fixin', drop me a line first, but if I don't answer within a couple days (I'm normally right on top of things that way), go to one of those people next. A solid structure for this place will come next. I just don't know if I can provide it.

Let the role playing begin again? Maybe? Yeah, why not.

(Ya don't like this message, delete it, one of you. XD)


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