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 Jones, Lilly (F.)

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PostSubject: Jones, Lilly (F.)   July 7th 2010, 10:22 am

Lilly Dreamer Jones

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Dawn
Aliases: Flower Childe

Originality: OC

Gender: Female
Birthdate: June 26
Age: 18

Height: 4 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 96 pounds
Eyes: roundish-almond green hazel eyes that fit a little larger then normal with cat-like pupils
Hair: just past shoulder length light brown hair that is just pulled out of her face, usually and she always styles it in some way
Body: She has a very lithe build and has that core toning of those who didn't want flashy muscles with a semi-flat chest that is at the size where they can easily be hidden or amplified. Seems a bit cat-like in her movements.

Identifying Marks: She has a tattoo of a flower chain from her left wrist winding up the arm to her left shoulder. Her cat-like eyes.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Mercenary

Lilly is not what we would call the most moral person in the world...to be nice. Her favorite games are 'Let's see how much blood you can lose before you pass out' and 'Cat and Mouse'. She is quite the violent person. She giggles during kills and acts like a little kid when given a challange. She also has little respect for people who are shy about anything violent, bloody, gory, etc. In fact, she only has respect for Deadpool. Why, she won't explain, but if he asks (orders, tells, whatever) her to do something (shy of killing herself) and she'll probably do it.

Lilly acts like a little kid most of the time and gets distracted by the "pretties" and the "shinies." Pretties are usually blood...shinies are knives. The easiest way to make her happy is to give her knives, especially as she loves to get up close and personal. She also has no qualms about being known and loves to torment those she has to kill with the fact she's going to kill them. Unless she is pressed for time, she'll not be quick. Mercy, for her, is a weakness and unintentional mercy (aka, killing someone quickly) is just being pressed for time.

She also likes to have odd names, thus Dawn when nothing about her is hopeful or bright, Flower Childe when she is anything but peaceful.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Face Claim: Monika Jagaciak

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Animal Attirbutes - Cat-like attributes, such as landing on her feet, seeing in the dark, and having enhanced senses.

A limited healing factor.

Skills: She is an expert knife user. She knows how to use knives in almost any fashion to cause lots of pain and tormnet on her victims. Or to just show off. Depending on her mood.

She is ampidextrius, easily able to switch from hand to hand without really thinking about it.

And she is quiet, though only because sometimes it is best to keep yourself, as well as your victim quiet.

Weaknesses: Any strong scent, sudden change to light, loud noises, will incapacitate her. If you can give her a fatal injury, it needs to be stabalized before her healing factor can take care of it.

Her healing factor won't keep her alive forever, and it only takes care of injuries (bruises, broken limbs, gun shot wounds, etc). It won't save her life if she is liquified and she will have scars if badly injured enough. She may also have things healed inside her (like pieces of glass, bullets) that cannot be surgically removed or she'll most likely die.

Pain medication has no effect on her and any knock out gas is just like oxygen, if slightly dangerous. If she has to do surgury, she has to do it the old-fashioned way; biting the bullet, or stick, or knife, or whatever is handy.

Due to her "caty" nature, she also has a habit of taking cat naps in the sun and often has to rest at small intervals, not thorugh the night. She is also mainly nocturnal, which sort-of sucks when no one is up. With her cat nature, she also has a very...intresting reaction to cat nip. It makes her really...well, a bad type of insane almost.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Athena Grey
Father: John Doe
Siblings: Parker Jones (older half-brother)
Other Important Relatives: n/a


Lilly was born Lilly Dreamer Grey as a premie in June. She was underweight and born adictied to morphine. This affected her later in life as she quickly became ammuned to some of the most powerful pain medication out there. To her working single mom men happily supported with singles, that just meant more money she could put aside for things such as food, rent, and her own addiction to morphine. It was left up to Parker to take care of Lilly.

And he did.

Parker was the one who taught Lilly self-defense and how to weild a knife. By the time she was ten years old, she could do various tiny tricks with a knife, as well as all self-defense moves. One night, when she was still 10 and he was 15, someone broke into their house. Her brother attempted to fight them off and was stabbed fatally. Then Lilly dropped on them. She moved quickly across the floor, feeling as if she were fighting in odd light, not in the darkness that was their house. She killed the intruder, which was someone who had tried to rob the place, and was found by police covered in blood, staring at her dead brother while the robber was lying dead. The knife was nowhere near Lilly, nor were her fingerprints found on it.

She was put into foster care, then "disappeared" and "found dead" two years later. In reality, a female assasign by the name of Christine Childe found her and took her in. Lilly was otherwise unaffected by killing the robber and was more upset over her brother's death. Christine was also a mutant and quickly took to the 10 year old mutant with a warm smile and open heart. Christine was the mother Lilly never had. When asked what she wanted her assasign name to be, considering Christine was "adopting" her, Lilly answered "Flower Childe." The irony of an assasign in training being a "hippie" amused Christine and Lilly's training began. Two years later, she made her first official kill. The body used to replace here was another 12 year old girl they found as a runaway with the same blood type.

Christine may have also helped the illusion by having a friend make the runaway fit the profile of Lilly.

When Lilly was 16, she passed initiation and decided that she would work for the highest bidder. Then along came this new fun reign and she realized she would have lots of chances to get lots of challanges if she became an official mercenary. So, after going through initiation, she became part of the guild.

At the same time, she met Deadpool and respected him from moment one. For a reason she won't explain. Maybe because, in a twisted way, she invisions this would be her brother, if he were still alive. Maybe it is because he's insane. Maybe it is just so she can sit back and laugh while everyone else goes "What the effe?"

Over the years, she has garnered a collection of knives that range from switch blades to kitchen knives, to about anything that is sharp and pointy, then considered a knife. She even has some letter openers and, cliche though it is, hair pieces that are knives, or brooches that are truely knives. Her collection, which decorates her entire room, is exactly 127 knives. One is always with her; blood stained at the handle, she "withdrew" it from the evidence locker with the help of Christine. It is a butterfly knife.

She got her tattoo as an 18th birthday present for herself. She still talks to Christine, though only on occasion.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Perspective
Experience: A few years; I'm moderate-advanced
Contact: E-mail is probably best
Where'd You Find Us? Ad on X-generation from Regnent/Rogue

RP Sample:

Quote :
Lilly stretched. Getting up was the worst thing in the world she had to do. She hated mornings. She groaned and grabbed her alarm clock, chucking it across the room before she rolled right out of her bed in a mess of blankets. That kind-of hurt, but she really just wanted to sleep a bit more. However, she needed to get up, practice, maybe cut off an ear or two of anyone who tried to keep her from her morning coffe.

Getting up, she tossed her blankets lazily onto the bed and stumbled over to her closet. She got dressed in easy to move in pants and a tank top before she moved to her knives. She strapped her special, and only, butterfly knife to the underside of her lower right arm followed by strapping a machette to her left hip, a bowie knife to her right thigh, and, after some half-awake debate, she strapped the kukri, with sheath, to her lower left leg, under the pants. Now...to go get her coffee.

And food. Don't forget the food. As she walked out, she walked down to the cafeteria. "Morning Deadpool," she mumbled as she reached for her coffee.

((ooc: I will edit whatever you want.))

Last edited by Dawn on August 14th 2010, 1:13 am; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Finally finished the bio. Sorry it took awhile.)
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PostSubject: Re: Jones, Lilly (F.)   July 7th 2010, 9:51 pm

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Jones, Lilly (F.)
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