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 Staff Positions

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The Resistance [Admin]

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PostSubject: Staff Positions   July 7th 2010, 11:18 am

EDIT 27.3: Currently only an Editor is needed. Reply here or PM me to ask for the position.

I have a place on the staff team for more than just me, Rogue and Wolverine. And although those two helped me with making the site, there is still more work to go around. A lot more work, in all honesty.

Moderators and Editors are needed. Moderators help keep the role playing part of the site under control--even though we should have enough members that know how to follow the rules. Editors help accept (and hopefully not decline) the identification card applications. The two jobs to not overlap.

If you would like to be a part of the staff, post a reply here and I (or Wolvie if she can figure out how to; she's new to this type of forum, but she had me to guide her around) will give you a place on the staff. Most likely you will not be rejected the spot. Once you are accepted, a list of things expected for staff will be in a forum currently invisible (at least the threads) to normal members.

We hope you like it on this site! Staff are just to keep things more pleasant and orderly on the site.

Any concerns will be sent to Gambit (me).


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Staff Positions
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