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 LeBeau, Remy E.

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PostSubject: LeBeau, Remy E.   July 2nd 2010, 10:48 am

Remy Etienne LeBeau

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Gambit
Aliases: Gumbo, Cajun, Swamp Rat

Originality: Cannon

Gender: Male
Birthdate: unknown
Age: 28

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 179 lbs
Eyes: Gambit's eyes are slightly squinty, though normal in width. His corneas, normally white in regular people, are black, his irises a blazing red, especially when using his powers.
Hair: Gambit's hair, the color brown with a reddish tint at times, is quite long, coming down to his shoulders. He normally keeps it in a pony tail out of costume or keeps it hidden under his costume, making it appear as if he has medium length, poofy hair.
Body: He's rather lanky, but muscular as well, sometimes hiding it, sometimes showing it.

Identifying Marks: -

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: Unaffiliated

Remy is a thief. He was raised a thief by the best and that job--not merely a hobby--is as much a part of him as any other character trait. A thief's way of life demands quick thinking and cunning plans for any gig. He spits out lies almost more easily than the truth for his own benefit. These silver-tongued untruths are so carefully mastered that he's almost impossible to resist. But he can keep up an act, undermine any plan (or security system for that matter) and manipulate nearly anyone. Coupled with his more than capable physical abilities, these traits create a master thief.

An underground life caused Remy to be a very sneaky man. He utilizes his natural cunning and mental and physical surreptitious behaviors in amazing ways--often times using it to hide his past. Remy had a very controversial past, associated himself with the wrong people and pulling off the wrong stunts. Most of the things he did was out of naivete or ignorance of the situation because he really is a good guy. He may lie, seduce and maintain a mysterious air about himself, but he does have a fine line between good and bad. He is a thief, not a killer. And if he truly cares for someone, he would go as far as it takes to assure their safety.

Because he is at least unconsciously aware of the measures he would go to for a person he cares about, he's detached himself slightly. He tries to keep emotions from clouding his judgment because if they do get in the way he's reckless, suicidal and a one-man wrecking machine. Otherwise he's calm, witting and collected on the field, but still just as dangerous.

Remy possesses and confidence like no other. He's confident to the point of cocky and cocky to the point of arrogance. And why shouldn't he believe in himself? he has the skill to worm his way out of most situations and his success rate far succeeds his failures. Plus, he was raised a thief and thieves aren't known to skimp on confidence in the first place. His cockiness and partial arrogance causes him to be very ego-centric. He is the hot stuff and self-centered because of this. He has a wonderful sense of style, or so he says, and has an eye for the classy.

Adventure and danger is the name of Remy's game. He loves a good adrenaline rush, whether procured by thievery or some insane adventure. In fact, he can't go a long time without risking his neck in some way or another. He must keep himself busy. Thankfully he possesses a curiosity to keep his life lively.

On Remy's more social side, curiosity still plays a large role. He needs to know everything about those he meets. However, he is a little hypocritical. He asks questions on other people, but gives nothing of himself away. He begs for the love of others, but won't return the feelings. This could be a result of his scamming habits, but more deeply, he's afraid. He doesn't trust other people enough to depend on them. He doesn't like teams because of this.

He is but a child. He may act like a man, but he has childish drives. He flirts with women. He charms them to manipulate them to his will. His witty sense of humor only adds to natural, clean yet rugged charm. He carries himself in a way that people can't help but like him. Unless, of course, your view conflicts with his own. Remy is stubborn and will only let something rest unless he wins. He isn't known to easily change perspectives because once he rationalizes what he does, there is little hope in persuading him.

Sexuality: Straight
Face Claim: Taylor Kitsch

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Gambit's most obvious mutant power is the ability to tap into an object's potential energy and transform it into kinetic energy. When he throws the object at a target, the energy is released in an explosion proportionate to the object's size that he charged. His power works only when he is touching the object, and he cannot charge any living material. Because of his ability to tap into energy, he also has enhanced, superhuman agility and dexterity. Gambit's more subtle power is a slight hypnotic charm that allows him to easier influence another with a sentient mind. More powerful minds are immune, and those who know of his hypnotic charm are as well.

Skills: Once a thief, always a thief. From a young age, Remy was trained to be one. At the age of eight he was a master at picking pockets and has never lost his touch. The ability to stay inconspicuous and invisible has never been hard for him. He can break and enter any building with ease, no matter how complex the security system or venerable the place. He knows what to do to keep himself from being caught, and while he might be seen as a criminal, he'll stay free. If he ever does find himself in a prisoner-like situation, he has a knack to figure a way out of it just as easily as he found his way into it. Planning ahead and keeping things straight in his head are two things he does very well.

Besides English, as accented as it may or may not be, Remy can speak fluent Cajun French. He often throws in a few accent words into his English as well. He can also speak Japanese, but his expertise in this area is almost nonexistent. Whenever he does have to speak it, his grammar, pronunciation and coherency is bad at best.

On the field, Remy can certainly hold his own, no matter the odds. He is a master duelist, able to wield his bo staff with exceptional skill. He can also throw small objects with impeccable precision. Whether the small object is his cards, throwing knives or spikes, odds and end tools, they will rarely miss their mark. His agility and speed are also put to good use in a battle. He's aware of his surroundings and covers space, often times discombobulating his enemy. He thinks fast, enough to come up with split-second plans, adapt to situations and to keep people on their feet.

Weaknesses: Gambit's biggest problems are social. He sometimes has a problem with authority and teamwork, so if he doesn't like what he is being told, or if he doesn't agree with the person in authority, most likely he goes off on his own and does what he planned to do in the beginning, totally disregarding the team. He keeps the dark past of his hidden from his team members, making him a very shady character, and sometimes that trust needed between teammates isn't shared with him. Remy also has a fairly large ego and is normally convinced that he is almost always right, even if he isn't.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: -
Father: Jean-Luc LeBeau (foster father)
Siblings: Henri LeBeau (foster brother), Mercy LeBeau (sister-in-law)
Other Important Relatives:


At birth Remy was abandoned, due to his unnatural eyes. At age ten he attempted to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc, who took the boy off the streets and raised him as his own. Jean-Luc was the leader of the Thieves' Guild, and by being taken in by him, he was learned in the art of thievery. Later, an marriage was arranged between Remy and Bella Donna as a peace negotiation, but Bella Donna's brother objected to the marriage, challenging Remy to a duel. Although the man was killed out of self-defense, Remy was banished from New Orleans in an attempt to keep the peace between the two guilds.

Remy then traveled the world, making both good contacts and just as many enemies. He used his skills as a thief to get by, aided by his mutant powers. It was during this time that he took a liking to cards charged with kinetic energy as his weapon.

At some point Remy went up to Mr. Sinister to help in controlling his mutant powers. The geneticist excised part of Remy's brain, reducing his powers to something more manageable and controllable. Being in Sinister's debt, he joined the Marauders, a team of assassins. The group was employed to massacre a group of mutants called the Morlocks, and when Remy realized what was happening he tried to stop it, but a Marauder named Sabretooth nearly killed him. Gambit managed to just get away.

A while later, Remy came into contact with a child Storm. She had turned to thievery herself to stay alive. Helping her escape from her enemy, the Shadow King, they became partners. She returned to the X-Men, Remy following her, and he joined the X-Men when the founder, Charles Xavier, came back from space. There he met Rogue, a woman he soon fell in love with, though because of their powers, they were unable to touch.

However, when the X-Men disbanded as a result of the villains taking over the governments of the world, he left the team, along with most of the members, calling his own shots yet again, leaving Rogue to fend for herself. It is unknown what has happened in that time to everyone but Gambit.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Kifu/Gambit
Experience: About four years, intermediate-advanced RPer
Contact: Whatever works for you--PM, email, chat, chat-box, etc.
Where'd You Find Us? Made the site

RP Sample:

Quote :
Gambit walked out through the door that led from the dark, dank hallways to a brighter outside. Just a few feet away from the ominous walls that made up the shell of the prison, he could see an overcast sky and a slight wind blowing at flags at the prison walls that enclosed the mutants inside even more. They certainly believed in a high security prison, and there wasn't any way that fact could be disputed.

Stepping even further into the yard, he looked around and saw, with a sinking heart, that unlike the gym he had been in earlier, there were guards stationed around outside, watching Gambit with cold eyes as he emerged from the inside of the building. Gambit still had to squint to get a clear picture of outside, because even though it wasn't too bright outside, it was brilliant compared to where he had been over the past couple weeks.

"Dey call dis outside?" Gambit asked, realizing how small the fenced in area was. He wouldn't even be able to hold out his arms to full length down the width of the yard, though it was a lot longer than it was wide. It was just like a chain-link fence lined hallway with the sky showing. Walking down the length of it, he reached the end and leaned against the metal, looking up as he watched the clouds slowly make their way across the sky and over the prison. At least he could feel the slight breeze pull at his hair and clothes, rather than being stuck in a stuffy cell.


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LeBeau, Remy E.
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