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 Stockholme, Liam

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PostSubject: Stockholme, Liam   July 11th 2010, 4:38 pm

Liam Stockholme

I'll Tell You About Me . . .

Codename: Vamoose
Aliases: Vam, Vammy, Moose, Moosie (all to his disgust)

Originality: OC

Gender: Male
Birthdate: 16 August
Age: 19

Height: Five foot eight inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Eyes: Liam's eyes are a greenish hazel, somewhat narrow.
Hair: Liam's hair isn't short, but it certainly isn't long, either. It's a dark brown, mostly unkempt, which is the reason it's short all of the time.
Body: He's skinny, though somewhat muscular, but he doesn't like to show himself off.

Identifying Marks: Liam has a long scar running down his right arm from beneath his deltoid muscle to halfway down his forearm because of a biking accident he got in when he was seventeen.

. . .This Is Who I Am

Alliance: New Nation

Liam is a thinker. He can normally stay calm and calculating. This trait grants him the ability to simply take a sit-down and measure out the pros and cons of a situation. He's also smart enough to think on his feet when there isn't time enough to fully mull it through. Although his memory isn't too strong, he can be a good conversationalist and chat with people over complex situations and ideas, often involving the human mind and psych. He can come up with opinions on such things because he can be very observant, able to catch emotions being hidden on a human face or by their behavior.

While Liam can hold a good, deep conversation, he typically chooses to keep to himself. Under normal circumstances, he's often quiet and generally grumpy. He finds it hard to be cheerful in many situations, and as a result has a built-up jealousy of the optimistic people around him. However, his brain does not recognize the jealousy for what it is and he cannot express his frustrations in acceptable ways.

Liam can be a master at hiding his own intentions and emotions. So while he can temporarily banish his grumpy demeanor to hold a conversation, this fact is not always true. He can become a taunting idiot, using smart words and combinations of sentences to his advantage. Over time, with the help of his inability to be truly happy, he became a genuinely mean person, able to detect a person's fear and use the fears against them. He also developed a violent knack, improving his ability with every fight and skirmish.

Even as a young child, Liam situated fights as an important aspect of his life. He mostly participates in them to inflict pain on others, but every once in a while he goes out to get himself hurt. If he is in a rather painful depression, he enjoys the feeling of physical pain.

If it isn't obvious already, Liam is a sociopath. He generally stays away from humans except to settle his twisted, mental needs. He cannot stand happy people because he cannot achieve the same happiness. So in order for himself to feel better, he finds a weaker person to pick on and torture so they would share his misery. Other times he finds someone to hurt him to let out the built-up pain. He is, however, a person who prefers to be dominant and rarely enjoys the latter solution.

The gender of his victims does not matter to him, as long as he can break their spirit, a favorite game of his. The pain he inflicts upon them is rarely sexual, both because he possesses a low sexual desire and because he prefers breaking them down with more complexity, increasing the fun of the game and his mental release of pain. If there is a chance that he falls into a sexual relationship or intimate relationship--though they rarely last long--he again does not care for gender.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Face Claim: Logan Lerman

. . . This Is What I Do

Powers: Liam's power isn't completely stable. He has the ability to make himself--and any other small object he touches--nearly invisible. He can choose which objects he wants to keep invisible, or to not, but if he turns his body invisible, it is either nothing or everything. Clothes and any small items he is carrying is normally the extent of the outside-of-body capabilities. The ability works better in darker shadow and night rather than direct or partial sunlight, allowing him to become even less visible--almost like Nightcrawler, but willingly so without the glowing yellow eyes. When in light, he can still be seen when he moves--his outline specifically--and in direct light, it sometimes doesn't even work at all, just causing him to become slightly opaque. There is never a point in which he can turn completely invisible (as it is impossible for anything such as that to happen), and there is no way he can become intangible.

Skills: Liam's greatest ability was learning how to stay silent. When he was a child he never knew how to shut up, but gradually keeping himself silent helped him in that respect, especially when his attacks on other people grew more violent. Through his life, he developed to be a great liar under pressure, but his lies never complimented each other throughout time, because of his less than average memory. He's also a good hand-to-hand combatant, though he compares himself to humans and mutants with regular strength. He's never had any formal training, though by watching other people and how they typically move, he learned general blocks and effective attacks. He started developing this skill in his high school years, and his style is always changing, almost erratic when he is being matched. Although Liam is strong, it is only in explosive moments. The strength exceeds normal expectations at the peak, but he can hold it for a minute tops. His fights generally are faster because of this.

Weaknesses: Liam, if he works at it, he can go for a while, as long as he conserves his energy, but he has a habit of using his strength explosively in the beginning, leaving him burnt out for a long fight. He also doesn't have a very good memory, so he always forgets things; the more important, the easier forgotten.

. . . This Is Who I Was

Mother: Sheila Denver
Father: Erik Stockholme
Siblings: -none-
Other Important Relatives: -none-


Liam had a decent childhood. His parents loved him, even though they were never married. He got most of what he wanted, and he went to the best schools in the area. When he found out he was a mutant in his freshman year of high school, he grew a little worried others would find out, but nothing really happened. His parents were both human, so it wasn't like anyone would go looking for them. In fact, everything went smooth until his sophomore year of high school. It was then that he began to become more introverted, since his parents had started fighting. He knew nothing was keeping them back from separating except him.

By junior year the fights between his parents had gotten violent, and although Liam wanted to leave their bickering and fighting behind, he decided that finishing school was more important. He often used his powers at home while his parents were fighting, and his grades started going downhill when he left the house to go off on his own rather than listen to him. He had left all his friends behind, and it was then that he started taking his grief out on other lonely passer-bys. After a while being a bully just became habit.

At the end of his senior year, after gathering his diploma, Liam took off in the middle of the night, driving to New York City. It was a place where most people went to look for a job, big or small. Liam was afraid he wouldn't get on in life, having to live in a slum for his life, so he grew even more violent in his bullying, eventually getting to the point where he was near killing any of his victims. It was at about this point in time when the United States government fell to the villains. For the time in which they were debating how to rule the world, he hung around the sidelines.

Almost a month into the rise of the New Nation's government, Liam was brought in as a petty guard for the jails. He quickly rose until he was not the top, but one of the best guarding the captured mutants and playing with the humans before they died. He doesn't move from the job, just because of the pleasure it gives him.

. . . But Who Am I?

Your Name: Gambit, Kifu
Experience: Four-ish years, intermediate-advanced
Contact: PM, email, chat, etc.
Where'd You Find Us? Play Gambit

RP Sample:

Quote :
The woman actually came up to him, even though most people would see him as a threat. When he acted like a normal human being, he might be seen as charismatic, but he didn't like that version of himself. He much preferred how he was acting to this lady. Too confident in himself, even though she was portraying confidence as well. She was just making it too fun for him, though he no longer knew who was the prey and who was the predator. That was fine by him.

"Appearances might be deceiving," he spat at her when she called him kiddo. "I give it to you that in real social terms, I probably shouldn't call you girlie, but I'm not a kid." He ran a hand across his face, then let it hang by his side. "But hey--how I talk is how I talk. I'm not up to changing my ways now."

She seemed to be mulling something over in her head, so Liam patiently waited, raising his eyebrows expectantly. "You're pretty good," he said, knowing now where she might have seen him. It wasn't uncommon to meet other guards in that pit. "Happily hired, I was." He took a slight bow, coming up just in time to see her twisted smile. He was liking her already. "Guess I'm not too lucky, then," he sighed, when she said that he was almost assigned under her. Liam knew he wasn't top-of-the-line, but he still had enough authority in that prison to make him happy. He was never under the knowledge, however, that he would be something of a student there.

"Bring out my growing wicked side? Hon, why the hell have I never heard of you? Sounds like a jolly time we might have had together." Wanting to be a little unpredictable, he held out his hand to her. "M'name's Vamoose, Liam Stockholme. Like to be called by my codename, though." He smiled, and he didn't have to cover up the darkness behind it. This woman knew where he was coming from, he was sure.
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Stockholme, Liam
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