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 Application Blank

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The Resistance [Admin]

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PostSubject: Application Blank   July 2nd 2010, 12:38 pm

Attention! Be aware that this site is run by villains. That means that villains are in high demand as characters. Please try and even out the ratio before a faction is temporarily closed for new users.

Remember (if you have read the rules) that you have seven days to post your application once the account is made for a character. Your account will be deleted if that time limit is not met.

When posting this, the title of your application should be:
Quote :
Last, First M.
And the description will be the code name of your character, if applicable.
Applications that do not follow this format will not be accepted.

A beta PHP form to fill out can be found here. Copy and paste the information spit out into a new thread.


[center][color=yellow][size=24]First[/size] [size=18]Middle[/size] [size=24]Last[/size][/color]

Insert Image Here.[/center]

[right][size=24][color=yellow]I'll Tell You About Me . . .[/color][/size][/right]


[b]Originality:[/b] Canon or OC?

[b]Birthdate:[/b] Day and Month

[b]Height:[/b] Feet and Inches
[b]Weight:[/b] Pounds
[b]Eyes:[/b] Shape, color, size, etc
[b]Hair:[/b] Length, color, type, etc
[b]Body:[/b] Build, tone, etc

[b]Identifying Marks:[/b]
[right][size=24][color=yellow]. . .This Is Who I Am[/color][/size][/right]

[size=12][b]Alliance:[/b] Note: You can choose a different alliance than what is on the home page.

At least two well written paragraphs

[b]Face Claim:[/b] Applies only to OCs
[right][size=24][color=yellow]. . . This Is What I Do[/color][/size][/right]



[right][size=24][color=yellow]. . . This Is Who I Was[/color][/size][/right]

[b]Other Important Relatives:[/b]


Three well written paragraphs minimum
[right][size=24][color=yellow]. . . But Who Am I?[/color][/size][/right]

[size=9][b]Your Name:[/b] Your real name/name you go by
[b]Experience:[/b] How long have your RPed . . . what level of RPer are you?
[b]Contact:[/b] How should we get a hold of you?
[b]Where'd You Find Us?[/b] Or, if you've already been here, which characters do you already RP on this site?

[b]RP Sample:[/b]

[quote]Write your normal post, as long as it reaches site minimum. Don't show off, for we want to get a feel of how you RP.[/quote][/size]


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Application Blank
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